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Our Services: Commission Tempering, Commission Cutting

Our services for you:

We process all types of cold-rolled strip steel, strip steel with finished surfaces, hardened, sanded, and polished, on commission according to customer demands.

Cutting, deburring, laying – all in one process, with our high performance slitting line with integrated deburring.

Our welding and coiling technique allows for up to 10 coils with a dimension of 6 x 0.10 to be processed simultaneously. This technique can be used with austenitic stainless steels, plated steels, and non-ferrous strip metal. This can be done with metals of 2 to 30 mm width and 0.1to 0.8 mm thickness.

Customer consulting

Please feel free to consult us concerning the type of steel appropriate for your project.

Storage of your yearly demand

We often produce the entire yearly demand of a customer in a single production cycle. The material is then stored at our facility in Wächtersbach, Germany ready to be shipped within just a few days of the order.