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Quality Management

Using our own standards and quality management regulations, we make sure we produce an optimal strip steel for our customers. Our customers’ products have to run failure-free with maximum lifetime and minimal tolerances.

Rupture Test According to DIN EN 10002


Rupture Test According to DIN EN 10002

The rupture test is a standard procedure in material testing. It serves to test the material behavior at uniaxial, constant pull.

In this test, the steel strip is fixed to an all-purpose testing machine and is pulled until it breaks. This way the tensile strength or the maximum load subject to the cross-section area is determined. Once the tensile strength is determined, we know at what point there will be material failure and the steel strip will break.


Vickers Hardness Test According to DIN EN ISO 6507-1Vickers Hardness Test According to DIN EN ISO 6507-1

With the Vickers Hardness Test, the tip of a diamond of quadrangular pyramid shape with a 136° ankle is pressed into the material with a predetermined force. This test is for thin, small pieces and materials with surface finishing. With a microscope it is possible to determine the length of the diagonal of the indentation and thus to calculate the surface of the indentation.



Looptest      Straightness test using light diffraction