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Blech Rohre Profile Magazine – Tin, Tubes, Profiles

BLECH ROHRE PROFILEBRP-Magazine, September 2006, featuring: Fitting and Joining Cobra, supplier of all kinds of strip steel for measuring tapes, presents a new product: the “wrap-stick”.

With a “wrap-stick” the rigidity of a molded measuring tape is being overlaid with a self-roll-up effect. This way, the tape rolls up without the use of a pull-back spring. The product is patent-registered. The “wrap-stick” is made of Thenox precision strip steel made by Theis in Hagen, Germany. In cooperation with the producer of the “wrap-stick”, Cobra hopes to broaden the use of this new product. So far, this is a fabulous solution to problems that have yet to be discovered, said Bernd Faupel from Cobra, the inventor. Possible areas of use could be self-roll-up rulers for students, roller blinds for vertical or slanting windows, and power or signal transmission for linear bearings.

With this “wrap-stick”, Cobra, Germany’s biggest supplier of semi-manufactured goods for measuring tapes, offers an enhancement of its “slap-wrap”, which became well-known in the area of promotion give-aways as reflecting tape.

For now, this new semi-manufactured product is available in the standard dimensions for measuring tapes, 16 x 0.20 mm and 25 x 0.20 mm. Depending on demand the product line may be expanded, including also 50 mm width.



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