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Cambering Unit for Measuring Strips


The special cambering of the strip steel is done by this cambering unit, which has been especially developed for this purpose. The technical term “cambering” means to produce concave strip steel in order to give it more stability.

This unit was developed for the production of cold rolled strip steel and can produce various similar types of strip steel: cambered or profiled spring strip steel, roll-up tapes for click wrist-bands and slap-wraps, spring strip steel for antennas... .




This 50 cm ruler made of bi-stable strip steel, can be rolled up to pocket size by pressing the red button and fits into every pencil case.




Bombiermaschine Cobra Bandstahl GmbH

Coating unit for strip steel of up to 25 mm width.








Cobra Bandstahl GmbH
Kinzigstrasse 12
63607 Wächtersbach
Tel. +49 (0) 6053 / 3016



Safety at night – even for pedestrians!
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New: The Stair-Strip-Steel

After some successful experiments, Cobra, together with its customers has developed a hardened strip steel line with alternating thicknesses. [read more...]

Video: High Performance Slitting Line

Video: High Performance Traverse Spooler

Video: High Performance Traverse Spooler

Video: High Performance Slittering Line

Video: Dauerfestigkeitsprüfung

Video: Dauerfestigkeitsprüfung

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